I made a historical meme

Maybe it’s the fact that the World Cup has started, bringing with it my hopes for an England-France match-up, but I’ve been on a bit of a Hundred Years War kick lately. Which always makes me think of Shakespeare’s Henry V. Which always makes me think of the Kenneth Branagh movie adaptation. For my money,Continue reading “I made a historical meme”

I made another meme

Nothing says quality humor like a meme that’s about four months late. Though now that I think about it, I’m not sure if this is actually a “meme” or just a “humorous photoshopped image.”1 Also, in hindsight, I should have changed the “flavor” from Spring Meadow to something like Disappointment & Regret. Regardless, here youContinue reading “I made another meme”

I made a meme

I made a meme. And only because I was surprised no one else had already made it. Or, at least, I couldn’t find a version of it via a five-second Google search. And I added a second version just in case anyone wanted to see more of Count Rugen’s head. You can click on eachContinue reading “I made a meme”