toy whale

Are you sure that’s how it goes?


So… A few weeks ago I wrote about how the memory is a funny thing.

In that vein, it’s time for today’s slightly embarrassing admission.

For years now, I’ve been mis-remembering one of the great quotes from all of American literature. And from The Wrath of Khan.¹ And from The Simpsons.²

I have always quoted (at least to myself because I’m not sure how people would take it if I said it out loud) the line from Moby Dick as: “From hell’s dark heart, I stab at thee!”

It’s actually just “From hell’s heart, I stab at thee!”

I think I like my version better.


I couldn’t find a clip of the version from The Simpsons, but Mr. Burns says it in the Season 4 episode titled Last Exit to Springfield.

Comments (if there are any)…