The short version:

  • I’m hoping that having this site encourages me to write a little more frequently.
  • It’s best to just consider this a collection of rough drafts, with no specific overarching theme.
  • Don’t try anything at home.
  • All thoughts/opinions are my own.
  • I got the idea for the name from a friend.
  • You can contact me here.
  • You can subscribe here.

The long version:

Welcome! This is my blog. But I’m guessing you’ve probably figured that out already.

I’ve set up this site to encourage myself to write a little more frequently. I don’t write as often as I used to and I occasionally find that when I do need to write something at work, I’m a little rusty. My hope is that writing a little more consistently – even if it’s about nothing in particular  – will help remedy that. Plus, it’s just nice to have a “home” on the internet.

As such, my goal is to focus on quantity over quality for the time being, with the hope that as quantity increases, so will quality (though no promises on that front). But that also means that posts may make more sense in my head than they do on the screen and there will likely be typos. Again, the goal is just to get some words on the screen as often as possible and not spend all my time editing. In fact, it’s best to just consider this blog a collection of rough drafts. Very rough drafts in most instances.

And I’m likely to be all over the shop in terms of subject matter. I can’t even promise it’ll all be original content – there’s a very high likelihood that some posts will just be links to articles I thought were interesting or YouTube videos I’ve enjoyed or quotes I like.

A few disclaimers…

  • I suppose I should note that just because I link to something, or post outside content, that doesn’t mean I agree with it or am promoting it in any way.
  • I’m an expert at absolutely nothing. Take any and all recommendations you might come across on this blog with a giant grain of salt. Under no circumstances should you try any of them at home. Or at work. Or anywhere else you might find yourself.
  • And this should be obvious, but all opinions are my own and don’t reflect the thoughts, feelings or views of:

    • Any current, former or future employers or co-workers,
    • My wife or kids,
    • My immediate family or other assorted relatives,
    • Friends, acquaintances, or well-wishers,
    • People who wish me no particular harm,
    • People I know well enough to say hi to in passing but have never really had any sort of real conversation with,
    • People I’ve heard of but have never actually met, 
    • That one guy I’m friends with on Facebook even though I can’t really remember how I know him. I think we went to high school together but I’m not totally sure.

Why t.yrannosaur.us, I hear you ask?

I have to give a hat tip to my friend Weldon for the impetus behind this online effort. Actually more than a hat tip since I pretty blatantly ripped off the idea for all this: blog name, URL, etc…, from him. He occasionally posts interesting things at his website b.rontosaur.us, which I thought was a cool way to do a domain name.1 Thankfully he was cool with the idea.

Thanks for stopping by.

1. He also occasionally posts things at de.trit.us, which is another really cool domain name that I’m a little jealous of.