Friday free-for-all

Here’s a look at some of the things I thought were interesting this week:

Scientists have found the oldest known human fossils

The interesting thing about this story is where the fossils were found. Spoiler alert, it wasn’t east Africa, where most every other “old” human fossils have been found. It’s entirely possible that human migration started even earlier than we thought. Orrrr (and this is what I’ve long suspected), it’s even possible that homo sapiens evolved in multiple places in Africa somewhat concurrently.

Every fucking bootstrap website ever

I got a good laugh out of this. Especially since when I started building my personal website, I basically used a template exactly like this one.

Try this “circle method” to get your baby to burp

Where the hell was this when GSA4 was an infant? Hopefully it’ll be useful for Baby Winston.

The basics of FIRE (financial independence and early retirement)1

Where the hell was this when I was 22? Meh, who am I kidding? It’s not likely I would have listened. My roommate had to basically beat me over the head to make me sign up for our employer-funded 401k.2 I was convinced it was some sort of scam.

For elites, politics is driven by ideology. For voters, it’s not

Beyond that fact that I don’t care for the word “elites,” this was really eye-opening.3 The short version is that people care more about their tribe than what that tribe actually believes. Makes me wonder if you could slowly, over time, change what issues people support just by slowly, over time, changing what their party supports.

Twitter doubled the number of characters you can use in a tweet4

This was my first stab at a 280-character tweet.

Rand Paul was apparently violently assaulted over a landscaping dispute

I know this isn’t funny but this is funny.

And, finally, for your aural enjoyment.

1 – If it’s FIRE, shouldn’t it be “financial independence and retire early?”

2 – Thanks, Greg!

3 – I prefer the term “the coastal pretentious.”

4 – For the Twitter non-users, until this week, each tweet could only contain 140 characters, which meant you had to be judicious in what you said and how you said it. Now, everyone has 280 characters, which has caused no small amount of consternation.

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