Friday free-for-all

You know the drill by now… a collection of things I’ve read and/or watched lately that I think are interesting. Plus, I threw in a reaction gif (pronounced gif) for good measure. Because what post isn’t improved by a reaction gif? Answer: none of them.

Anyway, on with the links…

This ancient teenager is the first known person with parents of two different species
This is unbelievably amazing. Here was my reaction when I read this article.

Read This Story and Get Happier: The most popular course at Yale teaches how to be happy. We took it for you.
This sounds like a class I’d really enjoy taking.

Archaeologists explore a rural field in Kansas, and a lost city emerges.
I’ve said this before, but after reading 1491 and articles like this, I’m more convinced than ever that our notions about pre-Columbian North America are way off base.

We’d be crazy not to take the piano
This resonated (pardon the pun) with me for reasons I’ll hopefully explain later. If I can get over the issue in the next article…

Don’t get weighed down by idea debt
I have this problem. I can’t tell you how many ideas I have floating around my head that I think I’ll “get around to” at some point. One of which involves a story about a piano.

These guys snuck a fake poster of themselves into McDonald’s to make an important point
I love everything about this. Read the story, but, more importantly, watch the video that’s embedded in the story. It’s fantastic.

Change the way you watch Star Wars
I got a good laugh out of this.

Hail State
Speaking of videos, I love the new Mississippi State commercial for this year.

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