Friday free-for-all


Some of the articles (and a song) I enjoyed this week… as usual, in no particular order.

Be the Parent Who Puts ‘No Gifts’ on Your Kid’s Birthday Party Invite

I really want this to become a thing. Seriously. My kid is 15 months old and, thanks to new gifts and hand-me-downs from friends and family, has more toys than he can ever possibly play with. And even with all those toys, it seems like his favorite things to play with are an empty water bottle and an empty face wipes package. So a new societal norm where we severely limit the presents we give kids would be OK in my book.

The Reviewer’s Fallacy

This is a good article, though it probably could have been put a little more succinctly: people have different tastes and it’s ok to like what you like.

Help Kids Learn by Focusing on the Wrong Answers

Kids learn better when they’re allowed to reason things out and learn from their own mistakes. Who knew?

This New 65-Inch Television Rolls Up Like a Newspaper

I’m looking forward to this being affordable in 10 or so years. We have a 60-inch TV now, which I really like, especially given that our living room is so large. But it’d also be nice to not have to stare it all day/night when we’re not actually watching television.

Why Did So Many People Believe Trump Watches a Gorilla Channel?

It’s a little frightening or disheartening (or both) how many people actually fell for this. It was fairly obvious that it was a joke. At least it was to me. Besides, everyone knows that the Horse Channel is where it’s at.

Living as an introvert in an extrovert’s world

I don’t think I’m quite as introverted as the author of this story but I definitely have my moments and there was plenty in this article I identified with.

Smells Like Teen Spirit but played in major chords.

This isn’t terrible.